2023 Winners

2023 Winners

Westside Auto Wholesale

Crown Automotive Group

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Crown Modern Retailing Experience

by Crown Automotive

The "Crown Modern Retailing Experience" revolutionizes car sales, blending culture shift and technology for an unparalleled shopping journey. We've partnered with Roadster for a seamless omnichannel experience, equipping sales teams with tablets and phasing out traditional desks for a digital, transparent process that extends from initial greeting to final e-contracting. With AI lead response, early manager involvement, and digital negotiations, Crown is pioneering a paperless, customer-centric model that even integrates Allstate Insurance services, rolling out to all locations for a truly modern, end-to-end sales experience.


C. Harper Auto Group

Our dedicated buying center is reshaping vehicle acquisition, focusing on service drive and private sellers over traditional auctions. Starting with a single, multifaceted expert and scaling with SellYourCarPittsburgh.com, we've honed a smooth, efficient process that respects both the seller's time and our operational goals. With leads skyrocketing to 200-300 a month, our purchases—and profits—are climbing, prompting us to expand with new locations around Pittsburgh, aiming to dominate local vehicle acquisition and secure private sellers from competitors' reaches.

Walt Massey Express

by Walt Massey Auto Group

Walt Massey Express revolutionizes car shopping with a seamless blend of online, phone, and in-person support, allowing customers to shop with ease from anywhere. This innovative approach, leveraging CarNow's digital tools, enables transparent transactions, real-time chat assistance, and complete online purchasing or in-store finalization. Since its implementation across eight locations, Walt Massey Express has significantly expanded customer reach, nearly doubled website conversions, and now accounts for up to 20% of monthly sales, backed by glowing customer reviews.

Westside Retail Experience

Westside Auto Wholesale

Westside Auto Wholesale's innovative approach has revolutionized the car buying experience, leveraging Orbee's Middleware for tailored digital marketing and advanced tech integrations. This commitment to excellence in variable ops operations makes us a strong candidate for the MRX Award. We've seen impressive results: a 30% sales increase due to our strategies, high web traffic conversion, and efficient lead processing, with a third resulting in sales. Our after-hours engagement and customer-first ethos have earned us recognition as a beloved Australian business, with our website enhancements significantly boosting conversion rates. We're setting the standard for automotive retail innovation.