Palm beach, Florida


november 17-19, 2024

Modern Retailing Conference

MRC 2024

Palm beach, Fl


nov. 17-19, 2024

Join us at the Modern Retailing Conference 2024 for groundbreaking, actionable education, aimed at enhancing your customers experience.

It's Time to Evolve Enhance Elevate
Customer Experiences

Modern Retailing Conference 2024, held in the sun-soaked Palm Beach, Florida, is an unmatched confluence of industry innovators and thought leaders. Dive into a realm of progressive strategies and technologies, pushing the boundaries of customer experience in automotive retail. Harness the power of this event to fuel growth, innovation, and excellence in your dealership.

Mrc’s Collaborative framework

Covering All Bases of an Enriching Conference Experience

We know getting out of the dealership can be difficult, so we structure our events to be worth every minute away. We hope you enjoy the experience.


Experience unique networking opportunities with a community of industry experts in an intimate setting that fosters conversations.


Immerse yourself in three days of actionable strategy packed sessions to stay ahead of your competitors in the upcoming year.


Attendees can unwind and relish their time at the event with a gorgeous venue, cozy event spaces, and sun-soaked Florida weather in November.


Expect nothing less than innovation from our speakers and partners – after all, our event is brought to you by Brian Pasch – a renowned industry innovator.

Uniting the industry

Opportunities to Connect with Experts From Renowned Brands

Be a part of the conversation

Join Us If You Hold One of the Following Positions:

Illuminate your expertise with our all-encompassing education program, designed to shed light on topics relevant to your position.

Dealer Principal

Fixed Ops Manager

HR Manager

General Manager

BDC Manager

Desk Manager

Sales Manager

Marketing Manager

Internet Director

An industry favorite event

What You Can Expect From
the MRC Experience

What You Can Expect From the MRC Experience

Collaboration Through
Intimate Networking

Collaboration Through Intimate Networking

Enjoy a thriving, tight-knit group that promotes connection with peers, sparks creative collaboration, and builds a supportive and enthusiastic learning environment. A unique opportunity to meet new attendees, speakers, and vendors.

Actionable, and
Conversational Sessions

Actionable, and Conversational Sessions

Sessions that truly feel like a conversation. Embrace the solution focused education, alongside time to relax and network with the educators over the course of a jam-packed 3 days. We ensure you get the best bang-for-buck at our events.

Educate All Segments of Your Dealership at One Event

Through our all-encompassing education focus, you’ll gain valuable insights and strategies for navigating the ever-evolving automotive industry and optimizing your dealership’s success enhancing customer experiences. Innovate, advance, repeat. 


An Educational Escape

Education Tracks

Elevate your dealership with our expanded education tracks, addressing both present and future considerations in People, Processes, and Technology. Gain the knowledge and tools to foster growth and operational efficiency for years to come within your dealership.

Customer Experience Technology

CX Tech

This track seeks to explore the vast spectrum of customer experience technology available in today’s automotive retail environment. Attendees will discover cutting-edge technological solutions designed to enhance customer interactions and streamline processes, from point of contact to the final sale. By adopting these technologies, dealerships can significantly elevate their service offerings and the overall customer experience.

Positions That Will Benefit the Most:

Personalized Marketing Messaging

Personalized Messaging

In the era of customer-centricity, the Personalized Marketing Messaging Track will enlighten attendees on the science and art of creating tailored marketing messages. This track will guide attendees on how to leverage data to understand customer behavior, enabling the crafting of customized marketing communications that resonate with the individual customer, ultimately leading to more effective engagement and higher sales.

Positions That Will Benefit the Most:

Sales Experience & Acquisition

Sales & Acquisition

Embarking on the Sales Experience & Acquisition Track, attendees will be exposed to innovative sales methodologies and acquisition strategies. This track aims to provide insights into enhancing sales practices, optimizing the customer journey, and utilizing data-driven approaches to attract and convert potential customers into loyal buyers. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for automotive industry professionals to refine their strategies, enrich their understanding of customer behavior, and ultimately boost dealership performance and growth.

Positions That Will Benefit the Most:

Loyalty, Retention & LTV Track

Lifetime Value

The Loyalty, Retention & Lifetime Value Track seeks to address the critical aspects of building a loyal customer base in the automotive industry. This track will provide attendees with effective strategies for boosting customer retention, increasing customer lifetime value, and fostering a culture of customer loyalty that leads to repeat business. Armed with these insights, participants will be better equipped to transform their dealership operations, creating a customer-centric environment that encourages long-term relationships and ongoing patronage.

Positions That Will Benefit the Most:

Beyond Experience

Beyond Experience

Embarking on the Beyond Experience Track, attendees are invited to delve into a realm of extraordinary innovation. This track caters to a range of content that extends beyond the limits of our established educational tracks, illuminating progressive concepts, pioneering strategies, and insightful visions. This platform serves as our commitment to delivering comprehensive education on pertinent topics, pushing boundaries, and providing dealers with a competitive advantage in their pursuit of excellence in automotive retailing.

Positions That Will Benefit the Most:
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