Modern Retailing
Experience Awards

Modern Retailing
Experience Awards

Do you think your dealership, dealer group or OEM demonstrates the best customer retailing experience in the industry? If so, apply today for the category that best suits your business!

Submit Your Application for the 2023 MRX Awards

Submit Your Application for
the 2023 MRX Awards

Please Review the Submission Guidelines Below Before Applying

Finalists are tasked with crafting a short presentation video, under five minutes, highlighting their exceptional customer experience. MRC attendees will view and vote on these showcases, with the final decision merging their choices and the insights of the MRX Committee. Winners, set to be unveiled live at MRC on November 14th, must be on-site to claim their honor.

Categories and Prizes

The MRX Awards will recognize outstanding accomplishments in automotive retail which elevate the customer experience. There will be three award categories as listed below, and two MRX awards in each category will given: one for variable ops and one for fixed ops.

The MRX Awards will recognize outstanding accomplishments in automotive retail which elevate the customer experience. 

Single Point Stores

$3,000 Prize Each

Fixed Ops

Variable Ops

$3,000 Prize Each

Dealer Groups

$3,000 Prize Each

Fixed Ops

Variable Ops

$3,000 Prize Each

Manufacturer / OEM

$3,000 Donation

Fixed Ops

Variable Ops

$3,000 Prize Each

All 6 Winners Also Receive:

How It Works:

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Application Submission

To apply, please provide a summary of the solution within the range of 600-900 words. Additionally, ensure that the application includes an email from a General Manager or Operating Partner for approval.


MRX Committee Review

After obtaining approval from the General Manager or Operating Partner, applications will be submitted to the MRX Review Committee for review and selection of award finalists.


Finalists Announcements

The announcement of finalists will take place on October 15th. Selected finalists will be provided with a complimentary ticket to attend MRC, where the winners will be announced.


Video Presentation at MRC

Finalists must prepare a concise video (5 min max) for presentation at MRC. Attendees and the MRX Committee will vote on the final winners based on the best solutions from these videos.


Winner Announcement at MRC

The winners will be determined through a combined vote by MRC attendees and the MRX Committee, with the results announced live at MRC after the video showcasing of all categories has finished.

MRX Awards Resources

Submission Guidelines

Follow our required guidelines to ensure a seamless application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions below for more information.

The MRX Review Committee is comprised of dealership managers and industry experts who are impartial and not directly involved in the contest. This composition guarantees unbiased application reviews.

To maintain confidentiality, the application requires approval from the General Manager or Operating Partner of the store. This step ensures that confidential information is not released without proper authorization.

Yes, winners must be present to accept the awards. To facilitate participation, we have provided a complimentary MRC ticket to all finalists, ensuring convenient access to the event.

Absolutely! You are welcome to apply for both the Fixed Ops and Variable Ops awards within your category. However, please ensure that you submit separate applications for each award you are applying for.

Please keep in mind that you can only be chosen as the winner for one of the awards.

No, finalists will receive a complimentary ticket to MRC.

Certainly! We understand that some individuals or organizations may prefer to donate the funds to a charitable cause. If you would like to explore the possibility of donating the cash prize instead, please reach out to our team, and we will be happy to discuss the available options and accommodate your preference, if feasible.