Paul J Daly




Paul J Daly is the Founder and CEO of Congruent, a full-service creative marketing agency; Co-Founder of Contagious Auto; author of “The Automotive Manifesto: How Brand Connection Can Save Retail Automotive”; and the creator of The Automotive State of the Union Livestream Events.

With almost two decades of practical business & leadership experience and a deep understanding of the consumer psyche, Paul’s approach to the challenges and opportunities facing modern businesses is clear and human.

After his first startup (Image Auto / Rim Doctor) was acquired in 2018, Paul pivoted his focus to helping other businesses scale using the skills that made his business successful as a keynote speaker, writing, and prolific content creation.

Through his agency, Paul provides holistic strategic consulting, brand development, and creative marketing execution for sales, recruiting, and internal alignment. Additionally, Paul’s company was one of the very first invited into the exclusive Vayner Mentors program back in 2018, started by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Paul is a prolific contributor on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and is the host of the weekly Clarity Compressed Podcast, which has featured guests such as Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia, New York Times best seller and storybrand CEO Donald Miller, and business marketing master Gary Vaynerchuk.