Kendall Billman

Chief Strategy Officer



Currently, I am the Chief Strategy Officer for DealerBuilt, a company which provides a modern, highly customizable DMS platform that conforms to a dealer’s unique business processes and enterprise transaction and reporting requirements. Before joining DealerBuilt, I was a board member, investor, and strategy advisor for several companies. I have started three successful companies from the ground up and have been an executive team member helping lead seven companies into acquisitions, totaling over $400 million. I partner with business leaders and executives who desire to achieve greater results through implementation and mobilization of current consumer behavior and data. Much of my success has been focused on my ability to grow customers and increase revenue through realizing product and concept development in an actionable manner. 

I have been blessed to develop businesses and be an industry speaker across North America, Asia, Australia, UK and several European countries. More recently, I was tasked to help several segments of a data mining business including product development, execution, client development, and research, development, and international expansion into the UK & EU. 

Some of my additional core competencies include detailed territory knowledge from North America and several International countries. Business Intelligence, Online Strategies, Sales Management, Consultative Selling, Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Operational Leadership, and Business Development. 

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