Frank Sorrentino

General Sales Manager



With more than 3 decades in the automotive industry, Frank has gained the unique ability to change as the market and culture have changed. In 2020, Ardmore Toyota became a pilot dealer for SmartPath and has worked with Toyota in creating, not only a tool, but a process for Ardmore Toyota.

Through this partnership with SmartPath, Frank has been able to transform a traditional sales process into a process that focuses on a single point of contact that fits the dealerships culture and market. Over the last two years, they have been able to recreate the sales culture within the dealership in this ever changing environment we now work in.

Frank’s vision is to create an experience center with a community of product specialists that not only work with consumers today but establish a long-term relationship using SmartPath to do so as they interact with both sales and service. 

With the help of Toyota’s SmartPath Frank is changing the way we look at and define sales, service, and retention.