Carlito Mojica

Retail Development Senior Manager



As Senior Manager for Retail Development with LaFontaine Automotive Group, Mojica is responsible for driving and retaining traffic of the variable and fixed operations for the Group’s 29 retail locations, representing 51 franchises and over 2,100 employees, and oversees the Group’s Deployment Team. 

Mojica is a results-driven and highly accomplished automotive retail executive, leveraging his in-depth knowledge of the automotive marketplace and the competitor landscape. He’s focused on increasing revenue, driving traffic to the dealerships, streamlining operations and empowering his team. 

With extensive experience across the various management positions within a dealership, Mojica leads by example and strongly believes we don’t build businesses, we build people and the people make the business.

Mojica reports directly to Ryan LaFontaine, Chief Executive Officer, LaFontaine Automotive Group. As a key member of the Group’s Executive Team, LaFontaine Automotive Group has become the fastest growing dealership group in Michigan and the largest. The Group sold just over 54,000 vehicles in 2021 and is ranked 33rd on this year’s Automotive News Top 150 Dealership Groups in the nation. 

Mojica is extremely passionate about the automotive retail industry and brings a sincere passion and enthusiasm to all that he does. He is a devoted husband to his wife Nicole and loving father to four children.