Anu Roberts

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Sales Process

Anu leads automotive retail marketing strategies for CDK Global’s Modern Retail and IT Solutions. As Senior Director of Product Marketing, she oversees Digital Retail, CRM, F&I, Embedded Insurance, as well as Networking, Cybersecurity and Collaboration initiatives, helping businesses solve issues, address customer hurts, and drive profits by leveraging technology and data to drive decisions. 

Steeped in retail automotive product development knowledge, customer experience, go-to-market strategies and market insights, Anu brings a fresh perspective of how modern, secure and intelligent software can provide a seamless experience in a more agile environment, providing auto retailers with competitive solutions to deliver the best service. 

Anu has held leadership roles in marketing and sales throughout her career, helping companies grow market share.  Prior to CDK Global, Anu served as Regional Sales Director of Global Markets Advanced Enterprise Solutions for AT&T and was Business Principal and Agent for Roberts & Roberts Insurance in Portland, Ore. 

Anu is a seasoned industry guest speaker, most recently delivered the keynote address at Women of Silicon Valley 2022 and hosted a workshop on “Building A Corporate Culture Through Leadership.” 

Anu is a graduate of Oregon State University, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree.